NEW DELHI: The African Union may join G20 at the Delhi summit as India rolls out an ambitious agenda for the leaders’ meetings in the form of three sessions titled ‘One Earth’, ‘One Family’ and ‘One Future’.
It’s learnt that there has been an agreement in the ongoing talks for the final Declaration on including AU in G20, as proposed by PM Narendra Modi in a letter to all G20 leaders, and this is likely to reflect in the summit outcome, barring any last minute hiccup. While US President Joe Biden had announced support for AU’s membership last year, Russia has also backed the proposal.
In the absence of a consensus on the Ukraine war, which has held up the joint communique under discussion, the inclusion of AU may prove to be the most significant achievement for India’s presidency.
Both the US and UK have said this week that consensus on the Ukraine war is going to be difficult. EU officials too said Wednesday that text presented by India on Ukraine didn’t fully address their concerns about Russia’s actions.
With its massive BRI investments in Africa, China also doesn’t want to be seen as acting against the interests of the AU. The inclusion of the continental body, which comprises 55 member-states, will also underscore India’s commitment to the Global South, the recurring theme of its presidency.
The agenda lined up by India will focus on issues central to concerns of the developing world. Official sources said the leaders’ summit will kick off on Saturday with a 3-hour session in the morning. Titled ‘One Earth’, it will see discussions on green and sustainable development, environmental safety, climate, energy and zero emissions.
The second session in the afternoon, ‘One family’, will focus on inclusive growth, SDGs, health, education and women-led development.
The final session on Sunday morning, ‘One future’, will see talks digital transformation, reform of multilateral institutions and labour.

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