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Industry Spares Enterprises is a channel partner of ADOR Welding Ltd. and Nederman India Pvt. Ltd.

ADOR Welding Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of welding and gas-cutting equipment for various industrial applications. We endorse all types of welding and gas-cutting equipment along with OEM consumables, power sources, and accessories. Our journey with ADOR started 6 years back, and today we have surpassed all our goals by supplying and servicing thousands of ADOR’s welding and gas-cutting equipment. We are also an exclusive authorized distribution partner for sales and service of Nederman India Pvt. Ltd’s products and solutions in Maharashtra. Nederman’s products are for the protection of people, the planet, and production from the harmful effects of industrial processes. With this collaboration, we are contributing to efficient production, environmental benefits, and a safer workplace. We at Industry Spares Enterprises work closely with both of our partner companies as a family to resolve industrial problems.

We are dedicated to ensuring the highest degree of customer satisfaction by designing and implementing solutions that meet their needs, supplying high-quality goods and services, delivering on schedule, and continually improving.
Our vision is to be a reliable medium for welding & gas cutting equipment and sustainable industrial products.
We believe the quality of products, consumer partnerships, and workforce all contribute to our success. Our key partners provide us with “mutual and “true” ideals that are critical to our long-term success, they are
We vigorously foster a community that encourages imagination, whether it’s through technological innovation, process- management, or just learning how to do things better.
Working together fuels our passion to accomplish our ambitions as ’ONE.’ We as an organization respect our team’s cultures and values.
We work in a transparent, secure, and pleasant atmosphere where trust, fairness, and dignity reign supreme, and high professional and ethical standards are upheld.
We have a strong creative and competitive spirit, and we set ambitious targets for ourselves in order to keep going forward and growing the business.
We have covered the two major parts of industries that are widely used in industries through our professional services. We have products from both of our partners, and we sell, service, and market their quality products.


Champ T400

400 AMP 3-phase inverter-based, High-efficiency DC Welder. Suitable for pipe welding with cellulosic electrodes 6010, 7010g, and 8010G.

The latest Inverter based rectifier units are suitable for Manual Metal Arc welding (SMAW) processes with all general purposes and special electrodes like 7018 type etc.

Ideally suitable for light, Medium, and Heavy duty, all-purpose industrial, structural welding applications both within shopfloor and at project sites including the construction of power plants, Refineries, cement plants, etc.

  • Three phases inverter-based, high efficiency, and high power factor DC Welder
  •   Suitable for Long distance welding and cellulosic electrodes
  • Enhanced Reliability due to SMD technology
  • Capable of Welding with all types of cellulosic electrodes including 6010, 7010G, and 8010G
  • High-frequency IGBT-based Rectifier
  • Arc force adjustment on panel.
  • TIG Welding possible with External HF Unit
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable for easy handling
  • Capable of Welding with TOO meter + 100-meter welding and return cables


MIG Welding Machine-MAXIMIG 251

The Ador Welding MIG Welding Machine/Mig Equipment has a rugged design, reliable performance, and superior arc characteristics, a diode-based power source with a traditional tapped transformer, provided with a switch on the front panel for step control of voltage enabling the welder to obtain the desired arc voltage with ease.

  • Most reliable and dependable workhorse MIG Welder, Welding machines with a proven economy
  • this MIG Welder Welding Machine  has a Rugged design, reliable performance, and superior arc characteristics
  • A diode-based power source with a traditional tapped transformer, provided with a switch on the front panel for step control of voltage, enabling the welder to obtain the desired arc voltage with ease
  • User-friendly selection of 2-track / 4track operation for zero defect GMAW welding
  • Good and consistent weld quality with low hydrogen content
  • MAXMIG-251 MIG Welder Welding machine is a Dependable Thyristorized wire-feeder system that ensures long, uninterrupted welding Quick release wire feed roller mechanism enables an operator to change the wire spool quickly,
  • minimizing unproductive time and thus increasing productivity on the shop floor
  • Standard Package comprises of Power Source, Wire feeder (2 Roll Drive) with 5-meter interconnection and Welding Torch only
  • Recommended for All position MIG / MAG welding applications MIG Welder Welding Machine.
  • Suitable for welding a wide range of metals like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and other steel alloys, with appropriate or recommended consumable
  • High volume thin sheet metal fabrication welding as in Auto Industries and other engineering industries, maintenance and repair workshops
  • Most ideal for Auto Ancillary units – for increased productivity and quality welding applications


Champ Pulse 500

CHAMP PULSE 500 outfit is an inverter-based system with an advanced IGBT protection mechanism. The equipment supports different welding process modes: SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and PULSE MIG with single and double pulse modes along with preprogrammed synergic data. The front panel comes with G-LCD and a digital encoder which makes it user-friendly.

  • Inverter-based indigenous advanced digitally controlled SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and SINGLE/TWIN PULSE MIG welding outfit.
  • Synergic mode of operation for single point control that allows Automatic parameter selection (Synergic) in MMA, TIG, MIG, and Pulse MIG mode.
  • Single point Synergic control in GMAW
  • Advanced digital control algorithms enable superior arc characteristics.
  • Digital control of inverter for spatter-less MIG welding application.
  • Excellent arc force and hot start control in MMA mode for the low current application.
  • Digital pulse feedback from the feeding motor for accurate control of wire speed.
  • Graphical-LCD for displaying the machine’s settings along with dual 7 segments LED display for actual current and voltage display
  • 10. Wire Feeder with digital console for remote parameter setting.
  • Twin pulse mode in Pulse Mig for low heat input.
  • Facility to store 100 welding programs (weld parameter)for easy save and recall operation
  • Addition of synergic program externally for a particular wire using USB facility.