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Shree Vishweshwar cooling works Pen-We at VEDAS are successfully led in the manufacturing of refrigerators and cooling equipment for the last 2 decades with EUTECTIC technology.

Shree Vishweshwar cooling works Pen

VEDAS – Since 1990

Shree Vishweshwar cooling works Proprietor Mr. Sandeep Mhatre ( B.E.Chemical )

We at VEDAS are successfully led in the manufacturing of refrigerators and cooling equipment for the last 2 decades with EUTECTIC technology.

Presenting our products with a range of ingeniously designed FOWs, Display cabinets & freezers with Eutectic lagging technology. The freezers are specially designed by using a Eutectic solution pad. That lowers the freezing point it holds the latent heat of fusion. The Solution becomes solid that holds the temperature, Which results in a longer temperature backup of up to 18 hrs during power failure. Our vision is focused on excellence, the highest quality, and being a leader in technology. We redefine quality day by day, continuously providing world-class products with services and setting higher standards of customer-oriented quality.

Shree Vishweshwar cooling works Pen


  • Food Retail & Food Service: Products customized to the market’s needs.
  • 100% heavy gauge copper is used for all freezers, with no use of Bundy iron tube.
  • Compact design with maximum coverage.
  • Easy maintenance, fast installation, and easy cleaning for refrigeration professionals.
  • High-density 31.38kg/m3 Polyurethane foam used.
  • Hfc 134a/404a eco-friendly refrigerant.
  • complete pre-assembled high-pressure side solution simplifies the production process and maintenance.
  • The condenser is designed at maximum ambient temperature so it can work in any atmosphere condition.
  • Cooling backup or 7hrs to 20 hrs as per freezer design.
  • Each freezer has a digital temperature indicator and control.
  • Efficiency and temperature stability for refrigeration.
  • Lowest energy consumption due to inverter technology, up to 45%* lower energy consumption.
  • Miniaturization: Platforms that are small in size, but large in their application range.
  • Fast Cooling: Target temperature reached faster, ensuring better food preservation.
  • High-quality and high performance.
  • Low noise.

Shree Vishweshwar cooling works Pen

Shree Vishweshwar cooling works Pen

An innovative and efficient portfolio

The most efficient compressor for the commercial segment. The variable speed technology keeps the temperature stable and
modulates the capacity, according to the application demand.

30 liters to 2800 liters

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Shree Vishweshwar cooling works Pen

For more information about our product please visit our official website – VEDAS

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Shree Vishweshwar cooling works Pen

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