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Welcome To Trimurti Furniture Pen


Proprietor Mr. Swapnil N. Rathod

Trimurti Furniture is one of the best manufacturers of exclusive home, Steel, wooden & office furniture since 2003, We are the last 19th year in this business as a manufacturer and supplier of household furniture, commercial office furniture, and registered government furniture contractor in our pen Raigad Maharashtra.


Looking for the perfect styles? Browse our gorgeous selection of high-quality products, ranging from beds to chairs, armchairs; stools; storage; sofas; beanbags, and even pet sofas, ideal for every space and style at Sunnylight Furniture.
We combined form and function to create products that are made for sitting, sleeping, or playing. the important is that we are a  furniture manufacturer specializing in producing superior quality products and profitable OEM supplies.

Trimurti Furniture PenOur versatile team can help design, manufacture, and deliver different styles of products for your custom and market needs.

Trimurti Furniture Pen

At Teeny Time, supplying safe, cute, elegant products for our new generation is a philosophy we adhere to, and yet we offer the best at only a fraction of the cost you would expect. Operating Xiamen, Chinawhenestablished, now moving to Quanzhou, Fujian, China after expanding to more than 10000 sqm manufacturing plants, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, Strong Technical Team Backup, and Respond Fast while supported by experienced workers people. and pass BSCI certification. We strive to offer elegant kids’ furniture products at better rates, quality, and delivery time. The results are virtually beyond your expectations, giving you exceptional satisfaction that is simply our commitment. Teeny time exported products spread across…

strive to offer elegant kids’ furniture products at better rates, quality, and delivery time. The results are virtually beyond your expectations, giving you exceptional satisfaction that is simply our commitment. Teeny time exported products spread across, with great acceptance in pen region.

Trimurti Furniture Pen

The bed is the place where the start and end of the day are, So establishing the perfect cozy sleep situation is crucial. Especially for the kids, after they play tired, they need a comfortable bed for sleeping. So the suitable beds are worth paying particular attention to. Not only can a bed make or break comfort when sitting up or lying in bed, but these beautiful pieces can reinforce the sense of style and tie the room together When you browsed an online store or visited a furniture showroom, you might be wondering whether to buy a wooden bed or a fabric bed? To make a correct decision, you need to know what is fabric bed and a wooden bed, the differences between fabric beds and wooden beds.


Trimurti Furniture Pen

Types of fabric bed materials

There is a wide array of fabric bed materials for you to choose from. Here are some of the popular ones on offer:
Not only is cotton the cheapest and most common fabric choice, but it
is also comfortable, soft, and durable. However, cotton is prone to
fading over the long term, so consider if longevity is important to you.
Like silk, linen is often used in the master or adult bedroom since it’s
prone to stains and wrinkles, but now the linen can be made water and
stains-proof. Unlike silk, linen can also be used in kids’ bedrooms
now. It’s a reasonably common fabric, so it’s a more affordable option.

As probably the most durable fabric on this list, leather is resistant to
scratches, stains, and debris. As an added bonus, it’s very easy to
maintain and clean.
As a durable fabric, wool is an excellent option if you’re looking for a
warm and soft space with minimal upkeep.
This is an excellent fabric option if you’re going for a luxurious and
plush feel. Velvet is more stain-resistant than silk, but it’s also very

Trimurti Furniture Pen

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Trimurti Furniture Pen

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  • Address Shree Yash Plaza Complex, Shop No. 9, Near L.I.C. Office, M.G. Road, Pen- Raigad. 42107

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    What is furniture manufacturing?
    The processes used in the manufacture of furniture include the cutting, bending, molding, laminating, and assembly of such materials as wood, metal, glass, plastics, and rattan. However, the production process for furniture is not solely bending metal, cutting and shaping wood, or extruding and molding plastics.
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