Amravati Municipal Corporation welcome’s you......Please help us to clean our city and save water. Be helpful to Amravati Police. स्वच्छ सर्वेक्षण 2022 मध्ये माझे शहर सहभागी आहे. Phone No: 0721-2579292, 0721-2576469, 0721-2566479, And 0721 – 2561569, office: 0721 2674360, Residence: 0721 2665648, Fax: 0721-2673950, Email: [email protected], for more details log on,,
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Location: Amravati

Amravati pronunciation also known as “Ambanagari” is a city in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is the 8th most populous metropolitan area in the state. It is the administrative headquarters of the Amravati district. It is also the headquarters of the “Amravati Division” which is one of the six divisions of the state. Among the historical landmarks in the city are the temples of Amba, Shri Krishna, and Shri Venkateshwara. The city is famous for Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, the place which is famous for its facility for different kinds of sports.
Amravati has a tropical wet and dry climate with hot, dry summers and mild to cool winters. Summer lasts from March to June, monsoon season from July to October and winter from November to March. The highest and lowest temperatures ever recorded were 47.9 °C on 25 May 2013 and 5.0 °C on 9 February 1887 respectively.
In 1722, Chhatrapati Shahoo Maharaj presented Amravati and Badnera to Shri Ranoji Bhosle, by the time Amravati was known as Bhosle ki Amravati. The city was reconstructed and prospered by Ranoji Bhosle after the treaty of Devgaon and Anjangaon Surji and victory over Gavilgad (Fort of Chikhaldara).
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Place of Interests
Bhakti Dham Temple, Chikhaldara Hill Station, Gugarnal National Park, Melghat Tiger Reserve, Old Amaravati, Shri Ambadevi Temple, Shri Ekviradevi Temple Sridham Temple, Wan Wildlife Sanctuary…….

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