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Location: Khuldabad

Khuldabad also was known as Khultabad is a city (municipal council) and a Taluka of Aurangabad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Initially, it was known as “Rauzaa” as a meaning garden of paradise. It is known as the Valley of Saints, or the Abode of Eternity because, in the 14th century, several Sufi saints chose to reside here. The Dargah of Zar Zari Zar Baksh, Shaikh Burhan ud-din Gharib Chisti, and Shaikh Zain-ud-din Shirazi, along with the tomb of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and his trusted General Asif Jah I, the first Nizam of Hyderabad, are located in this town. The place has famous Bhadra Maruti Temple. People come from Aurangabad and nearby places by walk for offering puja on Hanuman Jayanti and on Saturdays in Marathi calendar month “Shravan”.[1] Nearby is the Valley of the Saints, which is purported to contain the graves of 1500 Sufi saints.
The climate is tropical in Khuldabad fort. In winter, there is much less rainfall in Khuldabad fort than in summer. This climate is considered to be Aw according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The temperature here averages 25.0 °C. The rainfall here averages 813 mm.
The place has not only religious importance due to the location of tombs of some Sufi saints, but has also historical importance. It is here that Emperor Aurangzeb, the last of the great Mughals lies interred. Aurangzeb was described in official writings by the posthumous title of Khuld-makan (‘He whose abode is in eternity’). Here are also buried Azam Shah, Aurangzeb’s son, Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah, the founder of the Hyderabad dynasty, his second son Nasir Jang, Nizare Shah, king of Ahemadnagar, Tana Shah, last of the Golkonda kings and a host of minor celebrities. The place contains from 15 to 20 doersed tombs and about 1400 plain sepulchre. Khuldabad was once an important and prosperous town. The gardens which surround many of these tombs are overgrown with bushes.

Place of interest
Khuldabad is surrounded by a high fortified wall built by Aurangzeb. It has seven gates viz., Nagarkhana, Pangra, Langda, Mangalpeth, Kumbi Ali, Hamdadi and a wicket called Azam Shahi. The gateway in the direction of Aurangabad is approached by a paved ascent which continues inside the town for about 200 to 300 feet. The wall has collapsed at many places and may collapse totally before long. The sepulchre of Aurangzeb lies almost midway between the north and the south gates. It is within the enclosure containing the dargah of Burhan ud Din . A steep paved ascent some 30 yards in length leads from the roadside to the entrance of the building. After passing through a domed-porch and gateway, erected in about 1760, a large quadrangle is entered, on three sides of which am open-fronted buildings.
While one of these is used for conducting a school, others are set apart for the use of travelers. In the center of the south side are a nagarkhana and a mosque in the west. A facsimile of the hall of the mosque is just below, a flight of steps descending to it from the verge of the platform. Right opposite the north end of the mosque is a small open gateway leading into an inner courtyard.
• Aurangzeb’s Tomb
• Tombs of Azam Shah and his wife
• Zainuddin Shirazi Dargah
• Burhan ud din’s Mausoleum
• Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah’s Tomb
• Bani Begum’s Makbara
• Khan Jahan’s Lall Bagh
• Malik Ambar’s Tomb
• Zar Zari Zar Baksh and Ganj Rawan Ganj Baksh Dargah

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