Deori Nagar Panchayat welcome's you......Please help us to clean our city and save Water. Be helpful with Deori Police.
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Location: Deori

Deori is a Town and a municipal council in Gondia district in the state of Maharashtra, of Maharashtra, India (Asia). Deori is a taluka central command in the Gondia region of Maharastra in the western district of India. It lies on the Maharashtra-Chhatisgarh verge on Hajira-Kolkata National Highway 6 and is in a perfectly situated close to the area’s outskirt with Chattisgarh. Deori is found 80 km. east of Bhandara and 67km. southeast of Gondia, the locale central station.
However, history says that the homeland of the Deori’s is in the North Eastern states of India or in the east of undivided Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. According to the book Mataks and their kingdom, the Deori’s lived on the bank of the Kundil river which flows through the Sadiya (Chapakhowa) area and for this reason their Kingdom in the North Eastern region of the Brahmaputra Valley was known as Chatham. During the golden age they had the king name shakucha, his name was taken in line with Indra raja(king).
Place of interest
Sathis Deori Temple. A magnificent Jain temple is a group of temple complex built in the 11th-century and it is located close to the Fateh Prakash Palace. Sathis Deori Temple is a great place for Jain pilgrimage tour as it houses twenty-seven temples.

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