MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF GREATER MUMBAI welcome’s you......Please help us to clean our city and save water. Be helpful to Mahim Police. स्वच्छ सर्वेक्षण २०१८ मध्ये माझे शहर सहभागी आहे. Phone: 022 2446 4750, For more details log on,
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Location: Mahim


Directoy in Mahim

Multicultural Mahim is home to several religious buildings, including the Sitladevi Temple, housing a statue of the area’s patron goddess and the green-and-white domed Makhdoom Ali Mahimi shrine, dedicated to a Sufi scholar. Also in the area, is the 16th-century St. Michael’s Church and the ruins of 17th-century Mahim Fort, overlooking the bay. Various small eateries serve seafood dishes like mussels and fried fish.
Mahim was one of the seven islands that originally made up Mumbai. Mahim, or Mahikawati as it was known, was the capital of Raja Bhimdev, who reigned over the region in the 13th century. He built a palace and a court of justice in Prabhadevi, as well as the first Babulnath temple.
The Climate of Mahim s a tropical wet and dry climate. Mumbai’s climate can be best described as moderately hot with high level of humidity. Its coastal nature and tropical location ensure temperatures won’t fluctuate much throughout the year.
The mean average is 27.2 °C and average precipitation is 242.2 cm (95.35 inches).[1] The mean maximum average temperatures are about 32 °C (90 °F) in summer and 30 °C (86 °F) in winter, while the average minimums are 25 °C (77 °F) in summer and 20.5 °C (68.9 °F) in winter. Mumbai experiences four distinct seasons: Winter (Jan–Dec ) winter18 to 5 degrees, 30 to 27 Summer (28 Feb); Monsoon (June–August); and Post-Monsoon (Dec-Feb).

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