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Welcome to Somee Enterprises the world of natural stone and environment friendly. build the house ever after!

Somee Enterprises India

Proprietor Mr. Sandeeep Shetye

Since its foundation in 2020, the company has grown and strongly expanded, becoming a role model in the Natural Stone industry, providing innovation and technology leadership. The accessibility afforded by the own distribution warehouses.

Advantages of Laterite Bricks

  1. Laterite bricks are natural stones so they have cooling properties hence they keep the home cool during summers which is a great benefit for hot regions.
  2. Due to its natural properties, laterite brick has good thermal insulation properties and they easily adapt ad adjusts to the weather. 
  3. As these are easily available in hot tropical regions so they are cost-effective as well.
  4. As these have a larger size than standard bricks less number of bricks are required in the overall construction process which is an added advantage in the overall cost of construction. 
  5. As these are mostly cast-in-situ they produce no greenhouse gas and also help in reducing the emission of carbon-di-oxide. 
  6. As they are cut by a machine they are mostly uniform in size so further plastering of walls is optional, as they look clean and smooth without plastering as well. 
  7. It can gain strength over a period of time due to weather conditions. 

Somee Enterprises India

How Laterite Bricks are Extracted

  1. The first step is to remove the topsoil and level the surface. 
  2. The second step involves a powerful stone cutting machine, the process is started by defining a boundary on the edge of the rock after deciding the size required.
  3. The last step is to move the machine through these lines to cut the stone to the desired depth. 
  4. With the help of machine quarrying, the stone or bricks looks smoother and are finished which used to be missing in the earlier process of manual quarrying. 
  5. The price of a laterite brick ranges as per the quality and size but a general idea is as follows:-

First-class laterite brick Today’s pricing 25/08/2022– Rs. 75+

  1. The standard size of the laterite brick obtained by this method is usually 300 x 200 x 150 mm.
somee enterprises jabha chira

LATERITE STONE – Somee Enterprises

Somee Enterprises brings you laterite stones that are detailed with perfection. Dream Home needs Specifications and Specifications means Laterite. This stone is used for construction instead of bricks and plastering. It replaces the cost of paints and bricks. The use of laterite reduces the cost of cement, sand, and water. His special characteristic gives a cooling sensation in summer and warm feelings in winter.

Health and Safety are one of the fundamentals of Somee Enterprises’ mission. In accordance with its vision and mission, for Parshwa Group to be a leader in the Laterite  Stone sector also means leading the sector in standards of Health and Safety. Somee Group reaffirms this commitment with its workers, contracts, communities, and clients to provide a safe working environment, committing itself to this principle as one of the company’s fundamental values. The activities of the Parshwa Group are there focused on providing the necessary means to implement a culture of safety at all levels and in all the operations the company carries out.


The vision of our business is to be at the forefront of the worldwide business of Laterite Stone. Continuously innovate and develop our products, systems, processes, and services to have a satisfied customer base, and create value for motivated and qualified staff. Our values: are performance, success, integrity, motivation, and flexibility.​

PRODUCT DETAILS of Some Enterprises

TILES 12 X 6 X 19MM Today’s pricing 25/08/2022-  120.00 SF
SIZE – 14 X 9 X 7 INCHES, 15 X 9 X 7 INCHES







Your Tiles size?
TILES - 12 X 6 X 19MM
Jabha chira size?
SIZE - 14 X 9 X 7 INCHES, 15 X 9 X 7 INCHES
Jabha stone constrution was cost effective?
Yes, Jabha Chira natural stone was very cost-effective, it will minimize your entire construction cost and save money.
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