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Welcome To Jathan Dental Laboratory Pen


Proprietor Mr. Nagesh Jathan

Jathan Dental Laboratory is the best dental care lab in pen city. Since 2001, We makers of all types crown, bridge, ceramic, zirconia work And denture. We are doing Acrylic Jc, Zirconia, Gold Metal, Ceramic, RPD, Denture Work in Fiber, Ordinary, Lucition And in last 22 years we have very sharp in our work In Pen Raigad Maharashtra.

We Are specialist In Mainly Porcelain Denture Work

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown Advantages

Visually pleasing: Since PFM crowns have porcelain on the outside, they are valued for their visual appeal. Porcelain can be matched to the color of the surrounding teeth and it also has similar visual properties to natural teeth. Longevity: Both metal and porcelain are extremely durable dental materials that can easily endure the stress of chewing and years of wear and tear. Therefore, PFM crowns can last for several years. Affordability: PFM crowns are more affordable while still offering the visual benefits of an all-porcelain crown.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown Preparation To place a PFM crown, your dentist must first prepare your tooth. To keep you comfortable, you will be anesthetized to make the area numb. Some dentists also offer dental sedation to keep you relaxed during the procedure. To prepare the tooth, your dentist will first remove any decayed tissue. Depending on the amount of tissue removed, your dentist may also need to build your tooth up in certain places. During this process, your dentist will also be shaping your tooth so that it can accommodate a PFM crown. Shaping will generally consist of removing enamel from some areas and building up the tooth in other areas. Once the tooth has been prepared, a dental impression will be taken and sent to a dental lab. Since it may be a week or two before your permanent PFM crown is ready, your dentist will place a temporary crown over your tooth. mporary crowns are generally made from less steel and will likely not fit as well as & your permanent crown.

DentCare Zirconia

This biomedical grade product relies entirely on impeccable German technology and raw material. Designed to perform with unparalleled functionality and ease, DentCare Zirconia is a world-class innovation in all-ceramic prosthesis.

It uses most-modern CAD/CAM techniques. The substructure in tooth-colour gives it a beautiful form factor and natural performance. That’s quite different from PFM and usual, opaque zirconia restorations. DentCare Zirconia crowns have higher translucency than all its peers, while staying super strong. The substructures come in alluring fluorescent shades, 7-effect shades and over 40 vivid, warm and natural variants (all VITA shades are available).

Gifted with natural translucency, Zirconia is a perfect marginal fit, thanks to precision CAD/CAM design and manufacturing. The tooth-coloured translucent substructure ensures that the natural tooth shade comes right from the internal framework level.

That’s an experience you seldom get elsewhere. Because DentCare Zirconia is built for the strongest bite.

“DentCare Zirconia” One Product – Diverse Options

  • Zirconia Platinum Plus
  • Zirconia Premium Plus
  • Zirconia Classic
  • Zirconia Ultra Plus
  • Zirconia Bruxcare
  • Zirconia Solid Plus

Gold Metal

gold (Au), chemical element, a dense lustrous yellow precious metal of Group 11 (Ib), Period 6, of the periodic table of the elements. Gold has several qualities that have made it exceptionally valuable throughout history. Gold is the chemical element with 79 protons in each atomic nucleus. Every atom containing 79 protons is a gold atom, and all gold atoms behave the same chemically. In principle, we can therefore create gold by simply assembling 79 protons (and enough neutrons to make the nucleus stable).

White Metal

White Metal alloys are generally made up of these metals: Antimony, Tin, Cadmium, Bismuth, and Zinc, though which ones being used vary based on the need. In its most basic form, white metal is an alloy of Lead and Lithium, or other metals like cadmium, bismuth, and zinc. The term “white metals” are generally used to describe a series of metal alloys with decorative bright and are mostly used as a base for plated silverware, ornaments, or novelties. 100% Genuine products. It is beryllium free alloy with excellent castability. It is reusable with addition of appx 50% fresh metal during recasting. It can be cast in open flame.


The term dental ceramics is used to describe materials including porcelain and glass-ceramic materials that are employed in the construction of tooth crowns, restorative components of teeth and prosthetic teeth.All-ceramic crowns are a highly effective treatment for restoring damaged or decayed teeth, improving your oral health and the quality of your smile. With proper care, your all-ceramic crowns can last for many years. Ceramic crowns are not as durable as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. They might weaken the permanent tooth adjacent to them a little more than metal or resin crowns.


Removable partial denture therapy (RPD) is an adequate form of treatment for patients with missing teeth. A removable partial denture enables the restoration or improvement of 4 oral functions: aesthetics, mandibular stability, mastication, and speech. However, wearing a removable partial denture should not cause oral comfort to deteriorate. The fit of the partial is very important to evenly distribute your biting forces, prevent trauma to your gums and natural teeth, and look and function as normally as possible. For patients with multiple missing teeth, RPDs are less invasive and have a lower cost than other tooth replacement options.


Fiber – The unique technology uses impregnated specially-treated E glass fibers coated with a resin that bonds to the acrylic resin used to make dentures. A denture is more than 300% stronger than traditional acrylic dentures. Advantages: Biocompatible ; esthetic ; STRONG ; lightweight ; comfortable.

Lucition  – The unique technology uses impregnated specially-treated E glass fibers coated with a resin that bonds to the acrylic resin used to make dentures. A denture is more than 300% stronger than traditional acrylic dentures. Advantages: Biocompatible ; esthetic ; STRONG ; lightweight ; comfortable. It is a high impact pour acrylic for improved durability reducing the potential for fractures and reducing the risk of breakage from the patient during normal use (200% stronger than other pourable acrylics currently on the market).

Ordinary – Dentures are a lab-made set of teeth which are fit over an acrylic base and designed to be placed on your gums. They are prostheses that replace a set of teeth and the surrounding tissues. A denture is recommended when you have several missing teeth in a row, you are unable to bite, chew, talk or even smile normally. Dentures are an excellent option, even if you don’t have the healthiest jaw, teeth, or gums. Other restorative methods, such as dental bridges and implants, require healthy teeth and strong bones. Dentures are easily maintained.

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