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Location: Muktainagar

Muktainagar (formerly known as Edlabad) is a small town situated (~21°03’08”N 76°03’18”E) on National Highway 6(or Asian Highway 46) at the northern border of Maharashtra State in India. Muktainagar is famous for its association with Muktai, the younger sister of Saint Dnyaneshwar, who attained Samādhi on the banks of the Tapti River at a place called Mehun (15 km from Muktainagar).
The old town, named Edlabad (a name given by Muslim rulers of that time), was situated on the banks of Purna river. In 1959 there was a huge flood in the old town and many places of Muktainagar taluka. Ghodasgaon village which is 10km away from the city was affected and many villagers lost their lives. Due to the threat of flooding and the planned Hatnur Dam, Government decided to migrate the villages from there to present location near National Highway number 6. The government gave plots to the people according to their old plots in old town. In 2000 a ceremony took place at the city where the name was changed to the modern name of Muktainagar.
The main water supply of the city is from Purna river. Since the Hatnur Dam was built, the river basin contains a large reservoir. Before that, the river was totally dry and people were able to cross the river by walking through it. Most of the co-operative societies are named after the river.

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