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Welcome To Mexwell Computer Education Pen Maxwell Computer Education In Pen Raigad-Maharashtra since, 2008. We provide all types of courses in pen regions last  14 years M.S. Office, AutoCAD, Core Java, Hardware & N/W, ASP Net, Advance Java, Excel Expert, Tally ERP 9, Accounting, Inventory, Taxation+GST, Payroll, MIS Report, Data Management, Accounting Projects, Advance Excel, Office Automation, etc.


Proprietor Mr. Kramit Patil

Maxwell Computer Education In Pen Raigad-Maharashtra since, 2008. We provide all types of courses in pen regions last  14 years M.S. Office, AutoCAD, Core Java, Hardware & N/W, ASP Net, Advance Java, Excel Expert, Tally ERP 9, Accounting, Inventory, Taxation+GST, Payroll, MIS Report, Data Management, Accounting Projects, Advance Excel, Office Automation, etc.



Microsoft Office is a suite of applications designed to help with productivity and completing common tasks on a computer. You can create and edit documents containing text and images, work with data in spreadsheets and databases, and create presentations and posters. The goal of this course is to introduce the software Microsoft Office. The course will discuss topics on how to create impressive business documents with Microsoft Office Word, attractive presentations using Microsoft Office PowerPoint, and spreadsheets using Microsoft Office Excel.

MS Office professionals are in demand across industry sectors irrespective of the sectors or functions, to fulfill job responsibilities smoothly. Some of the top industries hiring MS Office professionals are as follows: Media and Publication. BFS


Introduction to Core Java

If you are interested in learning Java, you must understand core java concepts. The Core Java adopts the concept of WORA (write once and run anywhere). No need to compile the code – you can use it on other platforms too. Java can be employed in web-based and client-server applications. Plus, you can use Core Java in several technologies like SalesForce, Hadoop, Selenium, Data Analytics, etc.

Specifically, the word ‘Core’ narrates the fundamental concept of any topic, and here ‘Core Java’ delineates the basic concept of the Java programming language. Indeed, Java is one of the renowned and extensively used programming languages. To start learning Java, a beginner must start with Core Java and then proceed to Advanced Java.

Why core java?

After getting the overview of Core Java and the significance of Java basic concepts for beginners, a question may arise – why go for Core Java?  we’ll answer that question in the sections below. Java is useful for Android app development. Undoubtedly, the Android market is vast, and the demand for mobile programmers is increasing. Java allows you to personalize your mobile experience. Learning Core Java streamlines picking up Android development kits/frameworks which export to mobile platforms.




Java Features

Here are the salient features of Java –

1. Object-Oriented concept:

Everything is an object in Java. Being based on the Object module, Java can be conveniently extended.
2. Platform Independent:

Certain programming languages like C and C++ are platform-independent. But when Java is compiled, the corresponding process is not accomplished in the platform’s explicit machine.
Instead, it is completed into platform-independent byte code. The corresponding byte code is shared on the web and inferred by the Virtual Machine (JVM) irrespective of the platform it is operated on the best way to learn core java is to understand its fundamentals and then implement it on various platforms since it is platform-independent.
3. High security:

The high security facilitates the development of virus-free, tamper-free systems. Moreover, the authentication methods are dependent on public-key encryption.
4. Architecture-neutral:

Java compiler creates an architecture-neutral object file format. Consequently, the compiled code can be executed on several processors along with the existence of the Java runtime system.
5. Portable:

It is architecture-neutral, and there are no restrictions on implementing the specification. Hence, it is portable. Note that the Java compiler is written in ANSI C along with a spotless portability boundary (this boundary is a POSIX subset).

6. Error-free:

Java is renowned for being robust because it aims to discard error-prone incidences. It accomplishes this by focusing on checking the compile-time error and runtime error.
7. Easy to learn:

If you correctly understand the OOP concept, it becomes easier to understand Java fundamentals and master them. If you are determined to build a programming background, you can learn core java online for free. Once you have learned the fundamentals, you can start the core java 8 tutorial and learn the core java advanced concepts.
8. Efficient performance:

Being an interpreted language, Java cannot operate as quickly as a compiled language such as C or C++. However, Java presents an efficient performance by using a just-in-time compiler.
9. Multi-threaded:

The multithreaded feature of Java makes it possible to write programs that can accomplish several tasks concurrently. This feature enables the developers to develop interactive apps that operate flawlessly.

10. Perfect for the distributed environment:

Java is primarily developed for the distributed environment of the Internet. You can develop programs to execute on computer networks. Moreover, Java has a distinct class library that facilitates communication through TCP/IP protocols. Compared to C and C++, creating network connections in Java is easier.



ASP.Net is a part of the.Net framework developed by Microsoft. Microsoft’s ASP.Net is a widely used and accepted programming language in the web development industry. Every web development company wants to stand out, and be a notch above others. ASP.Net framework helps create extremely versatile applications for websites, just the way one wants. The host of benefits offered by the ASP.



Net programming language has created a huge demand for skilled ASP.Net programmers. As the demand for .Net programmers has increased, several ASP.Net training centers have cropped up at every nook and corner. These training centers make a lot of promises and claim to offer a 100% job guarantee. Many students end up coughing up a lot of fees and still are left in the lurch. Why so? This is because; these training centers do not offer professional ASP.NET training that trains an individual for a job. To get a Job, it is important to get coaching at a professional IT industry ASP.Net training center. Finding the right training center/professional ASP.Net coaching classes – is half the battle won. Classes often offer beginner ASP.Net courses for students and advanced learning courses for professionals, choosing according to one’s beginner or professional status is also important, it allows easy learning and gives you good returns for your money.


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