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Location: Osmanabad District


Osmanabad district (Transliteration: Usmānābāda Jil’hā) is an administrative district in the Marathwada region of the state of Maharashtra in India. The district has derived from the name of the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad – Mir Osman Ali Khan. The district headquarters are located at Osmanabad. Temple of goddess Tuljabhavani at Tulajapur is famous in India. This primarily rural district occupies an area of 7569 km² of which 241.4 km² is urban and has a population of 1,660,311 of which 16.96% were urban (as of 2011).
The climate of Osmanabad district is generally dry. … During summer the temperature of Osmanabad district is low compared to another district of Marathwada region. The average rainfall of this district is 765.5 mm. But the average rainfall recorded during the year 2011-2012 was 387.4 mm. (i.e. 50.5%).
History. The city Osmanabad derives its name from the last ruler of Hyderabad – the 7th Nizam- H.E.H Mir Osman Ali Khan, of which the region was a part till 1947. Osmanabad’s history dates way back to the era of the Ramayana where Lord Rama is said to have spent some of his exile in parts of Osmanabad.
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Place of Interest
Dharashiv Caves, Osmanabad, Tulja Bhavani Temple, Osmanabad
Paranda Fort, Osmanabad, Yuvraj Lodge, Siddharth Lodge, Shree Samarth Hotel
Naldurg Fort, Osmanabad, Bharti Baba’s Matha, Osmanabad, Khashi Kund, Osmanabad
Mahanth Bakoji Baba’s Matha, Osmanabad, Aranya Govardhan Matha Samsthan, Osmanabad

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