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Welcome to RK AUTOMOTIVE WORKSHOP PEN. Happy Diwali! May these fireworks burn away all our troubles, problems and sorrows, and may these light up our life with happiness, joy, and peace this wonderful Diwali. Let's celebrate the festival in the true sense by spreading joy and light up the world of others. Have a happy, safe, and blessed Diwali!


Few Lines About Us

RK AUTOMOTIVE WORKSHOP we are the best in the segment in car painting and coatings and leading market positions in the Raigad region. As a leading paints and coatings company, we serve essential protection and colour to our consumers.
We have over 20 years of experience in Maruti Suzuki Car sales and service, easily handheld accident cases, and insurance claims.
Proprietor Mr. Rakesh V. K. came up with the idea of an A2Z car service under one roof.
To avoid hurdles in claiming insurance and to bring a better service experience to the RK AUTOMOTIVE customers.

Our Engine Maintenance Checklist before starting a paint job.

Engine oil, Engine cooling system, leaks, belts, engine light, fuel filter, spark plugs, and wire.

Engines are engineered to run at a constant speed. This is when they perform the best. Too much variation in the revs tires it out and this takes a toll. City driving, where you constantly move and come to a stop is really hard on the engine. Try not to rev too hard. Instead, be sure-footed and don’t over-accelerate when you know you have to stop again. Try sticking to the highway whenever possible. This will give you better mileage (now you know why driving on the highway results in less fuel consumption) and keep that engine running for longer.

RK AUTOMOTIVE WORKSHOP PENautomotive painting process we divided into three stages.

Basically, the body is washed, degreased, electrodipped in zinc phosphate, oven baked, sanded, sealed, dried, cleaned (with chemicals), primered, baked, painted, baked, clear coated, baked, and then inspected for faults (which are repaired).



Stage 1Applying The Primer

Car Painting – Primer Application – The process consists of the application of primer onto the car. The primer has a lot of responsibilities, such as it protects the body from rust, heat differences, stone chips, UV light, etc. The primer also helps in leveling the surface of the body and also plays a major role in overcoming manufacturing defects.

Stage 2: Spraying The Base Coat

Car Painting – Base Coat Spray –  Post the primer, and the base coat is sprayed to the surface of the car. At this stage, the visual properties and the colors come into being. We can usually find base coats in three types, solid, metallic and pearlescent. Each three carry a different property from one another. Solid paints carry no sparkly look, whereas metallic paint does and provides that bling to the look.

Stage 3: Spraying The Clear Coat

Car Painting – Clear Coating – The final stage is the clear coating. The transparent coating is added to the base coat after the painting process. The clear coating is also crucial as, after this stage, the car comes in direct contact with the outside, and the clear coat should be able to resist abrasion and withstand UV light. This coating could be solvent or water-borne. This concludes the entire automotive painting process.



The entire look of the car is at the end, determined by the type of paint that we choose. The type of paint finish we choose also creates a distinctive finish from one another. The metallic paint finish consists of an additional layer of clear coat over the paint. This finish results in getting that shine, a small quantity of powdered metal is mixed with the paint layer to achieve this. This presence of the metallic particles leads to the light being reflected back more than the solid paints hence making it brighter and shinier.


The other type of finish we talk about is pearlescent paint, this pearlescent paint is the combination of basic paint compounds added to the metallic paint, but here the ceramic crystals are used instead of the metallic powder. This ceramic compound mica reflects as well as refracts the light making the surface more shiny and appealing. This phenomenon of refraction also is responsible for making the color seem deeper. The difference between the pearlescent paint and the metallic can be easily seen under the sunlight. The automotive paint creates the difference between an appealing car and a shabby-looking car.


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