Yavatmal Municipal Council welcome’s you......Please help us to clean our city and save water. Be helpful to Yavatmal Police. स्वच्छ सर्वेक्षण २०१८ मध्ये माझे शहर सहभागी आहे. Phone No: 07232-244037, 07232-238194 (Office)/ (Home) 244654, for more details log on, www.yavatmal.gov.in
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Location: Yavatmal

Yavatmal is a city and municipal council in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the administrative headquarters of Yavatmal District. Yavatmal is around 150 kilometers (93 mi) away from divisional headquarters Nagpur while it is 670 km (420 mi) away from the state capital Mumbai. The name is derived from the Marathi Yavat (mountain) and mal (row).
The summers here have a good deal of rainfall, while the winters have very little. The Koppen-Geiger climate classification is Aw. In Yavatmal, the average annual temperature is 26.8 °C. The rainfall here averages 1071 mm.
Formerly known as “Yeoti” or “Yeotmal”, Yavatmal was the main town of the Berar Sultanate and according to old writings “the safest place in the world”. The then region of Yavatmal (now Yavatmal district), was part of the dominion of Aladdin Hassan Bahman Shah who founded the Bahmani Sultanate in 1347. In 1572, Murtaza Shah, ruler of the Ahmadnagar Sultanate (current day Ahmadnagar District), annexed the Yavatmal district. In 1596, Chand Bibi, warrior queen of Ahmadnagar, ceded the district of Yavatmal to the Mughal Empire, the rulers of a large part of India. Following the death of the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1707, Yavatmal was passed on to the Maratha Empire. When Raghoji I Bhonsle became ruler of the Nagpur kingdom in 1783, he included the Yavatmal district in his territory. After the British East India Company created Berar Province in 1853, Yavatmal became part of East Berar District in 1863 and later part of the South East Berar district—both districts of the Central Provinces and Berar. Yavatmal remained part of Madhya Pradesh until the 1956 reorganization of states when it was transferred to the Bombay State. With the creation of the Maharashtra state on 1 May 1960, Yavatmal district became a part of the same
The National Highway (Nagpur–Hyderabad) passes through the district at Vadki, Karanji, Pandharkawada, Patanbori, and Kelapur. The state highway (Amravati–Chandrapur) passes through Ner, Yavatmal, Jodmoha, Mohada, Umari, Karanji and Wani. The (Nagpur–Tulzapur) National highway route passes through Kalamb, Yavatmal, Arni, and Umarkhed.
Yavatmal is the southern terminus of the 762 mm (30.0 in) narrow gauge railway known locally as the Shakuntala Railway. This line is composed of two legs intersecting with the broad gauge Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line at Murtijapur — the 76 km (47 mi) northern leg to Achalpur and the 113 km (70 mi) southeastern leg to Yavatmal.[4] Darwha Station lies on this line.
Another line, Majri–Mudkhed line passes through the district. Wani is a railway station on this line.
The state cabinet has approved the Wardha–Nanded rail link project. This railway line will connect Wardha–Yavatmal in Vidarbha with Nanded in Marathwada.
Yavatmal airport is located 9 km (5.6 mi) east of the city of Yavatmal and has been taken up by Reliance Airport Developers Ltd for development
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Arni, Digras, Ghatanji, Kalamb, Kaleshwar, Ner, Wani(Shir Ranganath Swami Temple)

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