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Manufacturing Solutions Forged by Innovation A leader among forging companies in the United States, QC Forge combines award-winning forging process expertise with cutting-edge research and innovation. Whether managing a complex supply chain or researching special material properties, Queen City Forge matches the right equipment and forging metallurgy to get the best manufacturing outcome. By mastering processes that create the most durable parts in the industry and partnering with leading manufacturers to solve their biggest challenges, Queen City Forging delivers manufacturing solutions forged by innovation. From copper alloy forgings to turbocharger impellers, we guarantee to deliver a quality forge for OEMs every time.

About Queen City Forging Company USA

Queen City Forging Company

QC Forging is the leading forging company in the US providing affordable and quality metal components that are durable, safe and solve challenging manufacturing problems. Our products also prevent equipment failures that can be a result of critical weather conditions and situations. We produce small forgings for severe service applications in the transportation, construction, agricultural, medical, and aerospace industries. Our team of engineers is highly qualified, experienced and trained to deliver innovative solutions for different industries. From copper alloy forgings to turbocharger impellers, we guarantee to provide you with a quality forge for OEMs every time. Get in touch with us now to discuss your requirements.

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