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Location: Jogeshwari


Jogeshwari is a locality of West Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
In 1915, the Western Trunk Route of Bombay was extended from Bandra to Jogeshwari. Up until 1945, Jogeshwari was administered by a collector in charge of the Bombay Suburban District. With the creation of Greater Bombay in 1945, the administration of Jogeshwari was merged with Bombay city.
1. Railway
Jogeshwari Railway Station is served by the Western line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway.Jogeshwari is a railway station in the Jogeshwari suburb of Mumbai city. Jogeshwari station lies on the Western line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network between Andheri and Ram Mandir railway stations.
2. Roadway
A bus depot west of the railway station connects Jogeshwari to various parts of Mumbai. Jogeshwari is connected to the central suburb of Vikhroli via the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, usually referred to by its acronym JVLR. The Majas Depot (Shyam Nagar, Jogeshwari East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093), one of the biggest bus depots in Mumbai, is located along the JVLR in Majas wadi.Jogeshwari East and West is connected with the 4-lane over-rail bridge
. There is also a 4 lane bridge that connects East to west & adjoin at the JVLR junction cutting the time to travel east to west. there is also a bridge next to the HUB mall which also connects the East and West side of Jogeshwari but hover over New Ram Mandir railway station and drops you at Ram Mandir bus stop in Goreagoan West. There is also a lane in progress to connect people from Jogeshwari to Malad without getting down in between.
Soon,metro-rail connectivity will also be available in Jogeshwari.
Places of interest
• Jogeshwari Hospital
• Veer Nilesh Sawant Memorial
• The Jogeshwari Caves
• Kamal Amrohi Studios

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