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Our services are trusted by 2 lac+ customers across 80+ cities. We are the only brand that washes each customer’s clothes separately. We use organic chemicals from US company Diversey and from German company Seitz, which makes our process color bleeding and shrinkage proof. With our special WhiteX process, your white clothes get 3 shades brighter.

We provide the best dry cleaning service for haute couture, bridal wear, and silk sarees. Our dry clean service portfolio also includes woolens, suits, lehenga, carpets, blankets, curtains, blinds, soft toys, suitcases/trolleys, and leather jackets. We also provide steam iron, raffu (darning), and color dyeing.


Our customers always say we are the best laundry service in town with such attractive prices. Also, we have special offers for new customers. Laundry prices vary as per the actual service taken as well as the store location. To know more, check our laundry pricing.

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At Tumbledry, we can remove up to 99% of color stains from clothes – whether white or colored clothes. Trying to remove color stains at home with chlorine or oxygen bleach mostly does not give satisfactory results, especially on colored clothes. In such cases, bring your clothes to a nearby Tumbledry dry clean shop, or place online pickup through a mobile app for free home delivery. At Tumbledry, we use proprietary chemicals to remove the color stains without harming the garment.

Get your Shirts, Kurtas, Blouse, and Sarees starched at Tumbledry – India’s biggest dry cleaning chain. Our starching prices vary from city to city. Check starching price for the Tumbledry dry clean store near you.

Wedding dresses can get yellow discoloration with time due to a natural process called oxidation. At Tumble dry, we provide a special service for your precious wedding dresses where we reverse this oxidation process. Moreover, our finishing and packing ensure the preservation for a long time for your cherished wedding dress.

Our stain-removing technology is the best in India. We can remove up to 99% stains, whereas other dry cleaners are only able to remove up to 80% stains from clothes. Be it old stains or new ones, or be it stains of Mehendi (Heena), ink, oil, food, blood, hair dye, makeup, or lipstick – our in-house developed stain removal solutions will give you a delightful experience.









Tumbledry Pen provides the following leather dry cleaning and coloring services. Leather dry clean service includes complimentary stain removal as well.

  • Leather shoes dry clean and coloring

  • Suede shoe dry clean and coloring

  • Leather handbag dry clean and coloring

  • Suede handbag dry clean and coloring

  • Leather jacket dry clean and coloring

  • Suede jacket dry clean and coloring

  • Wallet dry clean and coloring

  • Belt dry clean and coloring

  • Purse dry clean and coloring

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Tumbledry provides following bag repair and restoration services:

  • Outer layer fabric/leather/suede replacement

  • Inner lining replacement

  • Coloring

  • Zip replacement

  • Strap replacement

  • Suitcase and Trolley repair

  • Trolley Wheel replacementTumbledry Pen

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Every cloth goes through a comprehensive
A 6-stage process enabling us to deliver
on the promise of sparkling & fresh clothes,
every time.

Dry Clean

All clothes are cleaned with environment-friendly solvents, such as Oil based hydrocarbons. State-of-the-art machinery is used to process the clothes where they are treated with highly acclaimed and commercially used solvents.

How good is Tumbledry’s bag dry cleaning service?
Tumbledry is India’s go to brand for dry clean of handbags, wallets and purses from fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coach, Gucci, Hermes, and others.
Does Tumbledry provide dry clean with same day or 1 day delivery?
We deliver your dry clean order within 3 to 4 days. We also provide the option of express/fast/urgent delivery where the order is delivered same day or next day, as per your need.
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