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The fifth largest in the world, India's economy is characterized as a developing market economy with an exponential consumer base. After the opened up the country’s economy in 1991 with liberalized investment policies, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth rate has been significant, making India the world's fastest growing major economy, surpassing China. While India’s economy is largely agrarian, it has a booming services sector including construction, retail, software, IT, communications, hospitality, infrastructure operations, education, healthcare, banking and insurance, and many other economic activities. The services sector alone accounts for 55.6% of the total GDP. India has made a mark on the global economy with one of the world's fastest growing e-commerce markets. The country has the world’s sixth-largest consumer market, making it an attractive investment destination. Initiatives implemented over the years have successfully made India a hub of opportunities for foreign investors. Foreign direct investment guidelines have been revised and liberalized over the years to increase the ease of doing business in the country.

Shivalik (Bharat) Group of Companies is an investment-facilitating agency that provides opportunities to investors to invest in India. We act as the prime point of contact and work tenaciously to provide you an easy connectivity with investors. sectors with 100% FDI in wellness, Automobile, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Retail & e-commerce, etc…

Securing funding when they need it most is a challenge for many small & big business owners in India. Getting that money through a traditional bank loan is increasingly difficult and if somehow you managed to get that also, you get it at a very heavy interest rate with mortgaging all your assets. That’s why Foreign Direct Investment has become a saving grace for these businesses and FDI India will be your guide to show you the path.

FDI India was born with a single objective, of enabling financial strength for our clients through quality and conflict-free Foreign Investments. The use of technology is our cornerstone in ensuring that we can reach across demographics and geographies, and provide a convenient, low-cost – high quality, process-driven, goal-oriented, investment-led Foreign Direct Investment. We are experts at what we do and for us, our success lies only in making our clients meet their financial goals and objectives. We love the fact that we are known and respected by our clients and the industry for our unique business model and our conflict-free advice.

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