Chikhaldara Municipal Council welcome’s you......Please help us to clean our city and save water. Be helpful to Chikhaldara Police. स्वच्छ सर्वेक्षण २०१८ मध्ये माझे शहर सहभागी आहे. Phone No: 07220 – 230248, office: 07220 220223, Residence: 07220 220242, Fax: 02591-223796, for more details log on,,
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Location: Chikhaldara

Chikhaldara is a Hill Station and a municipal council in Amravati district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.
Featured in the epic of the Mahabharata, this is the place where Bheema killed the villainous Keechaka in a herculean bout and then threw him into the valley. It thus came to be known as Keechakadara—Chikhaldara is its corruption.
But there’s more to Chikhaldara. The sole hill resort in the Vidarbha region, it is situated at an altitude of 1118 m with highest vairat point 1188m and has the added dimension of being the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. Chikhaldara has an annual rainfall of 154cm. Temperature varies from 39C in summer to 5C in winter. Best months to visit are from October to June.
It abounds in wildlife—Tiger, panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild boar, and even the rarely seen wild dogs. Close by is the famous Melghat Tiger Project which has 82 tigers.
The scenic beauty of Chikhaldara can be enjoyed from Hurricane Point, Prospect Point, and Devi Point. Other interesting excursions include Gavilgad and Narnala Fort, the Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, the Tribal Museum and the Semadoh Lake.
The climate is warm and temperate in Chikhaldara. The summers here have a good deal of rainfall, while the winters have very little. This location is classified as Cwa by Köppen and Geiger. In Chikhaldara, the average annual temperature is 22.5 °C. Precipitation here averages 1632 mm.
Chikaldara was discovered by Captain Robinson of the Hyderabad Regiment in 1823. The Englishmen found it particularly attractive because the lush green hue of the place reminded them of England. When the leaves fell in September/October, they were reminded of autumn in England. There was even a proposal to make it the seat of the Government of India.
Place of interest
• Malviya point (Sunrise)
• Bhimkund (Kitchakdari)
• Vairat Devi
• Sunset Point
• Bir Dam
• Panchbol Point
• Kalapani Dam
• Mahadev Mandir
• Semadhoh Tiger Project
• Hariken Point
• Mozari Point
• Prospects Point
• Devi Point
• Goraghat
• Shakkar Lake
• Government Garden
• Museums
• Waterfalls
• Dharkhura
• Bakadari
• Muktagiri
• Kolkaz
• Pancha Dhara waterfall
• Gawilgad Fort

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