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Location: Latur District

Latur District
Latur district is a district in the Maharashtra state of India. Latur city is the district headquarters and is the 16th largest city in the state of Maharashtra. The district is primarily agricultural. Urban population comprises 25.47% of the total population.
Latur has an ancient history, which probably dates to the Rashtrakuta period. It was home to a branch of Rashtrakutas which ruled the Deccan 753-973 AD. The first Rashtrakuta king Dantidurga was from Lattalur, probably the ancient name for Latur. Anecdotally, Ratnapur is mentioned as a name for Latur.
Temperature: Annual temperatures in Latur range from 13 to 41 °C(55 to 106 °F), with the most comfortable time to visit in the winter, which is October to February. The highest temperature ever recorded was 45.6 °C (114.1 °F).
Latur Airport is located near Chincholiraowadi, northwest of Latur city. The Airport was constructed in 1991 by Public Works Department (PWD) and then handed over to MIDC. It was upgraded at a cost of nearly Rs.140 million and is being operated on a 99-year lease by Reliance Airport Developers (RADPL). There is no scheduled air service currently from latur airport although the airport sees 14 to 16 aircraft movements a month.
Total road length of Latur district is 13,642 km. Several National & State Highways cross Latur district. They include:
• Tuljapur-Ausa- Latur-Ahmadpur- Nanded-Yavatmal-Wardha-Nagpur NH 361
• Mantha, Deogoan Fata, Selu, Pathari, Sonpeth, Parali Vaijnath, Ambajogai, Renapurphata, Latur(NH361), Ausa, Omarga, Yenegur, Murum, Alur, Akkalkot, Nagasur, NH52 near Bijapur (Vijapur) 548B
• Talegaon Dabhade, Chakan, Shikrapur, Nhavare, Srigonda, Jalgaon, Jamkhed, Patoda, Manjarsumba, Kaij, Ambajogai, Kingaon, NH361 near Chakur 548D
• Jintur, Bori, Zari, Parbhani, Gangakhed, Isad, Kingaon, Dhanora, Wadval, Nagnath, Gharani, Nalegoan, Nitur, Nilanga, Sirshi, Aurad Shajani, NH50 near Bhalki 752K
• Barshi, Yedshi, Dhoki, Murud, Latur, Renapur, Nalegaon, Dighoi, Udgir, Deglur, Adampur, Khatgoan, Sagroli, Nizamabad, Metpalli, Mancheral,
Chinnur, Sironcha, Bijapur, Jagdalpur, Kotapad, NH26 near Boriguma NH 63
• Parali Vaijnath, Dharmapuri, Pangaon, Renapur Phata NH 361H
• Nanded- Osmannagar-Kandhar- Jalkot- Udgir- Bidar
• Latur- Nitur- Nilanga- Aurad Shahajani- Zaheerabad
• Daund—Barsi—Osmanabad—Bantal—Ausa State Highway (SH 77)
• Manjarsumba—Kaij—Lokhandi—Savargaon State Highway.
Bus routes to the district headquarters connect 96% of the villages.
The municipal bus system operates buses that serve the region and connect places in Latur City. The State Transport buses of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation(MSRTC) serves all villages in the district.
Railway Lines
All railway lines through Latur are a broad gauge. They belong to Central Railway
Latur railway station was built again when the Barshi railway line was converted from narrow gauge to broad gauge. The railway gauge was converted in September 2007 from Latur to Osmanabad and in October 2008 from Osmanabad to Kurduvadi. Latur is now is connected to Mumbai by a direct train via Kurduvadi (train number 1006 from Latur and 1005 from Mumbai). It is connected to Hyderabad by train number 7013 that originates at Osmanabad.[22] With the introduction of train number 1005 via Kurduvadi in October 2008, the earlier train connecting Latur to Latur Road, Parbhani and Aurangabad were discontinued.
The important railway stations are Latur, Latur Road, and Udgir. The district has 148 km of a broad gauge railway line.
Place of Interest
• Wadwal Nagnath Bet, Latur
• Ausa, Latur
• Ganj Golai, Latur
• Kharosa Caves, Latur
• Surat Shawali Darga, Latur
• Nilanga Temple, Latur
• Namanand Maharaj Ashram, Latur
• Hattibet-Devarjan, Latur
• Ahmedpur, Latur
• Shirur Anantpal, Latur
• Chakur, Latur
• Siddheshwar & Ratneshwar Temple
• Astavinayak Temple
• Buddha Park

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