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Location: Nandurbar


Nandurbar is a city and a municipal council in Nandurbar district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Nandurbar municipal corporation is the first municipal corporation which provides a free wi-fi service to the public. Nandurbar is an administrative district in the northwest corner of (Khandesh region) of Maharashtra. On 1 July 1998 Dhule was bifurcated as two separate districts now known as Dhule and Nandurbar. The district headquarters is located at Nandurbar city. The district occupies an area of 5034 km² and has a population of 1,311,709 of which 15.45% is urban (as of 2001). Nandurbar district is bounded to the south and south-east by Dhule district, to the west and north is the state of Gujarat, to the north and north-east is the state of Madhya Pradesh. The northern boundary of the district is defined by the great Narmada river. It came into limelight during February 2006 bird flu crisis which struck many of its poultry farms. Thousand of chickens from the farms had to be killed and buried in nearby grounds to stop the virus from spreading. Earlier of 2016, Nandurbar is introduced as First free WIFI city of Maharashtra.
The climate here is considered to be a local steppe climate. During the year, there is little rainfall in Nandurbar. This location is classified as BSh by Koppen and Geiger. The temperature here averages 26.9 °C. The rainfall here averages 679 mm.
Nandurbar is served by a station on the Indian Railways network. Also, State transport buses are available. Nandurbar is connected to Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat by Indian state highways
Place of interest
• Toranmal is nearby hill station.
• Sarangkheda is famous for its festival and large horse market.
• Kochra Mata Mandir, near Shahada

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