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Location: Badlapur


Official Language Marathi Area Total 35.68 km2 (13.78 sq. mi)
Badlapur is a city in Thane district, Maharashtra state, India. It is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Due to population growth in nearby cities, people working in Mumbai have been moving to Badlapur for a number of socio-economic reasons, including close proximity to Mumbai via rail. Badlapur city encompasses the old villages of Badlapur, Kulgaon, Manjarli, Belavali, Katrap, and many other small villages.
In 1971, Badlapur was recognized as a municipal town in Ulhasnagar tehsil.
The city has seen massive growth since the 1980s, with a rapid increase in population, due in part its proximity to Mumbai by rail. Consequently, the area around the Badlapur railway station has developed faster than old Badlapur village itself. Badlapur was named for being a remount depot on a travel route through the rugged Konkan region to Gujarat via Surat. The town was famous for its splendid horses. Warriors (e.g. Shivajiraje Bhonsale) changed their horses at the town in anticipation of the difficult climb through the Konkan. The word “change” (badla in Marathi) was applied to the town. “Badlapur” is derived from “badla” plus “pur”, which means village or town.
The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has developed an industrial area within the area governed by the Kulgaon-Badlapur Municipal Council. This industrial area is reserved primarily for chemical industries. The area has been developed in different blocks and laid out keeping in mind the needs of both small scale and large scale industries. This development has stimulated the economic growth of the city.