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Welcome To Magic Touch And Makeover Pen


Proprietor Mrs. Pooja Kardile

Magic Touch Spa And Makeover specialize in all types of hair care and makeup in the pen region. We started our business just last year but the impact on our customers gives us very very good reviews about our services. our first priority is our customers we give them what they want like Facials, Bleach, Waxing, Hair Cuts, Highlights, Smoothing, Keratin Treatment, Hair spa, All hair treatments, nail art, makeup, etc. we give orders also in any city as per client requirement in pen raigad Maharashtra.

With a gentle brush of blush on the angular cheekbones to add a twinkle to the eyes of women from all over the world, Magic touch Spas and makeover has mastered the art of making every woman feel special in a way that is both special and personal.

Magic Touch spa And Makeover, the darling of the have skincare and hair care come a long way from being the best makeup artist in pen Raigad Maharashtra. Understanding what she had in her potential, Pooja Kardile professionally known as Magic Touch SPA and Makeover never gave up on what she wanted despite the societal norms and the pressures women face. With undeterred grit and passion to achieve what she believed in, Pooja sure has come a long way.


As someone who carried an effervescent aura of beauty and elegance knew how she would position herself as a makeup artist, which is what makes her work very special. After her work in aviation in pen city for 1 year, Magic Touch  SPA And Makeover decided to do what she liked doing best by starting her career in pen city While most women are apprehensive to set off on a path less taken, with responsibilities and roles burdening them down,  set a firm foundation in the makeup industry. With sure hands, she waded through the glamourous world of glitter and glory and made it to the top! From working with celebrities to world-renowned brands like Vogue and Elle, Magic Touch Spa And Makeover is an artist who has had a hell of an adventure making it to the peak.

When it comes to making brides radiate and glow with beauty and making them work as uncompromising individuals, Magic Touch And Makeover is a miracle worker. Her style is all about accentuating the beauty every woman possesses. And when she isn’t embellishing women from different parts and walks of life with her artistry, she gracefully wears womanhood as a crown, as she travels the world and explores beauty in all forms with her family and loved ones. Talk about walking the talk!


A role model for girls and women alike, Our Pooja Kardile sure has set the bars high all the while reminding us that it only takes determination and knowing what you want to do to ace your roles; as a mother, as a daughter, as a hustler, as a believer and most importantly as a WOMAN.

Bridal Makeup

We take our forte seriously. We instill the philosophy of Magic Touch Spa And Makeover religiously as we groom every bride to look her best; for the coy traditional bride and for the bold millennial brides alike. This type of bridal makeup gives a smooth, second-skin finish which tends to feel light on the skin. It’s lightweight and long-lasting which means it stays put for more than 4 to 5 hours. If you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, you might need a few tools and techniques to set it right on your skin.


Portfolio Shoot Makeup

We drive creativity to heights! With crazy and artistic approaches, we specialize in capturing the essence of fashion by styling models with designer makeup for their headshots and portfolios.

Pre-wedding Ceremony Makeup

A breezy moment to cherish with all those close and loved. we specialize in making the bride and the bridesmaids look radiant and full of joy with makeup that makes them look buoyant.

Naming Ceremony Makeup

A grand ceremony demands some serious glamming up of the celebrants! From the mother of the child to every other family member, we offer the best makeup packages for the entire family that best suits the special day.

Housewarming Ceremony Makeup

With makeup aesthetics that are crafted to best fit housewarming traditions from around the world, we specialise in making this special day a grand success, with the whole family dolled up and glowing for the pictures.


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